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George Soros The Boogeyman- Leader Of Left Liberal Nexus


Lots of people don’t know who is George Soros even though he is among the top 50 millionaire of the USA. He also runs the NGO ‘open society. But it just covers. Some refer him as a leader of the new world order who manipulate the systems around the world. His name came up in limelight during the Delhi riot. His NGO was involved in providing funding for rioters.  Ever since Narendra Modi took oath as PM in 2014, he declared war against India. He is known as the boogeyman. George Soros is not the man it is the mentality that pushes his propaganda by investing money where he can interfere in the internal affair of any country by creating riots, and instability.



George Soros is Hungarian American businessman. He was born in a Jewish family and survived during nazi rule. He changed his faith to Christianity. He later moved to England. In 1956 he worked as an investment banker and later he moved to US and established Quantum fund where he introduced some investment policies accompanied by high returns for investors. After a few years, he faced some huge losses.

He was influenced by Karl Popper radical positivist and later he formed the open society foundation.



Black Wednesday- The man who broke the bank of England

On, Wednesday 1992, when Soros became the most ruthless trader which forced Britain to suffer a loss of approximately 5.5 billion dollars. And this day was called as black Wednesday crisis.

ERM i.e. European Exchange Rate Mechanism was founded in March 1979. Its main motive was to reduce the exchange rate and in return stabilize the monetary policy.  This is known as a semi-peg. When Britain joined the erm, it was facing a high inflation rate and the interest rate was over 13 percent,

Traders saw these underlying problems as an opportunity and began shorting the pound. And this resulted into George Soros forcing Britain to exit from the European exchange rate mechanism as the pound was priced too high against the Deutschmark.

England’s government increase the interest rate to 15 percent to attract the trader. But it went in vain. Eventually, Britain had to exit from ERM and revaluation of the pound began. Obviously, it went below the expected level.

Britain suffered a loss of approximately 5.5 billion dollars


The Indian Nexus

India is another target of his nexus. He started his open society organization branch in India. When Narendra Modi took oath as pm targeting India and destabilizing India movement got stronger.

He openly gave statements against this Indian government which he stated was a nationalist state government.

Whether it is Rafael row, anti CAA riot or anti CAA plea, a plea against article 370, establishing illegal Rohingya Muslims and providing legal aid, funding the Delhi riot, etc., his NGO was always behind the act.

He formed different firms food(Scheduler Logistics,), agriculture (Waycool Food Products) and education (Shiksha Financial Services).

He also funded media housed in India. Media houses like print, ndtv, BBC news, etc are funded by Soros. Several journalists and so call activists are being used by Soros

  • Shekhar Gupta ( The Print),
  • Indian express Journalist Chitrangada Choudhury,
  • Author and journalist Basharat Peer(pro-Pakistan narrative in Kashmir),
  • Ritu Sarin, Shyamlal Yadav ,
  • P Vaidyanathan Iyer of the Indian Express,
  • Rakesh Kalshian (Former IANS editor – works for German Channel Deutsche Welle (DW)),
  • Murali Krishnan , Yusuf Jameel ( Asian Age).
  •  Harsh Mander( Congress Party)
  • Pratap Bhanu Mehta,
  • Indira Jaising and Amartya Sen
  • Yogendra Yadav.

. Soros appointed some other Indians in his nexus.


soros indian nexus



George Soros has hold over American media. Over 30 major news organizations had links to George Soros including the Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, the Associated Press, NBC and ABC.

He also has a stronghold on US government lawmakers. Most of the democrats are in his pockets. Trump targeted continuously during his tenure as he knew that Soros is the brain behind that. He always directly blamed the leftist’s nexus including their media houses like CNN. That’s why Soros didn’t want Republicans to be the next president. He made Trump’s negative image in front of us people.And he got what he wanted. Currently, democrats rule US.

But, US people now realize that Trump’s rule is better than Biden’s.

The long-term investments in cultivating left-liberal intelligentsia, media and NGOs seem to have worked well for Soros. But, the pro-nationalists are now in good shape to defend themselves and destabilize this nexus. Let’s see how much these left-liberal nexus survive…



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