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Menstrual Disorders- A Natural problem



There are many gynaec problems in the life of females. Some of them are Pelvic Floor Prolapse,  Uterine Fibroids, Pelvic Pain, Urinary Incontinence, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Cervical Dysplasia and Menstrual disorders. Among these, menstrual disorders are a common problem nowadays girls and women are dealing with.

Menstrual is a period of every month of regular clearance of blood and menses (mucosal tissue). Normally, this flow is from the internal lining of the uterus over the vagina. It helps the body of the females to prepare for pregnancy. The abnormal menstruation cycle is responsible for all health issues. The changes in the hormones lead to irregular periods which disturb the menstrual cycle. This disturbance in the menstrual cycle results in menstrual disorders. What are the problems of menstrual disorders? Why these menstrual disorders occur? What are the reasons behind it? What to do for making the menstrual cycle regular? Let us get all the answers.

Some of the problems in menstrual disorders.

  • Hurtful or erratic periods.


It includes occurring of bleeding from the uterus every few weeks or before the completion of the month and is painful. Sometimes it is so painful that you are not able to leave your bed! The menstrual cycle, as well as the flow of bleeding, must be regular unless you get pregnant. Apart from this, other reasons for irregular periods maybe some medical health issues. Menstrual problems due to irregular periods may cause serious health complications. If you are suffering from an irregular period problem, just do not underestimate it. Go to the gynaec and resolve all your health issues immediately.

  • Excessive bleeding.


Abundant bleeding is one of the most common problems seen in females. The flow of bleeding must be regular. Massive bleeding leads to weakness. There are some causes of heavy bleeding.

  1. The changes in hormones are due to mental pressure.
  2. Sudden increase or decrease in weight.
  3. An unexpected change in lifestyle.
  4. Intake of certain medicines in a large quantity.
  5. Pregnancy problems.

It is essential to consult the gynaec for the problem of heavy bleeding in time. Ignoring it may cause a serious health issue.  Basically, these two are the main problems in menstrual disorders. Let us see the causes behind them.

Why does this abnormal menstruation occur?

There are various reasons for causing menstrual problems.  Some of the basic causes are listed below.

  1. Stressed lifestyle

It may include physical as well as psychological stress Nowadays, due to the tight schedule and lifestyle full of stress and mental pressure, there is an adverse effect on the menstrual cycle. Everyone runs hand in hand with time. This running leads to irregular flow. Emotional ups and downs also lead to the irregular menstrual cycles.

  1. Intake of certain medicines.

Science is so much enhanced that it has created things that directly challenge to nature. For instance, medicines to postpone the periods or pills that can control the birth. Also taking pain killers or paracetamol pills during the period is also responsible. Regular intake of these things and their side-effects may also create a disturbance in the menstrual cycle.

  1. Variations in the time of eating and sleeping.



This is one of the main reasons behind it. Having no fix or a specific time to eat or sleep. Climatic and environmental changes occur regularly. So if you will eat or sleep at the wrong time, you would definitely face problems.

  • Want to make your menstrual cycle regular?

If yes, then start doing yoga exercises daily early in the morning. Have a proper diet timetable. That eats on time, sleep on time. Your body must get an adequate quantity of food as well as sleep. Make a convenient timetable and strictly follow it. In case, if you are unable to follow the timetable then try to balance the other side. Avoid taking medicines like pain killers during the periods and the most important thing, do not challenge nature. Let all the things happen naturally.


At last, just always be happy! Stay away from anger, stress or tension that leads to health problems! Stay happy, stay healthy!










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