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These Beautiful Spirits Can ‘Spellbound’ You With Their Beauty! BEWARE!


Do you love to travel?? Well..most of us love to travel to different places .. some of them are lone travelers.. Some of us are unable to decide whether to travel alone or with friends. I personally don’t decide to travel alone…because I get bored and most importantly…I feel insecure not because of the thief but a bloody thirsty SPIRIT!!!  Whether you believe in ghosts or not..but in our unconscious mind we have that feeling..someone is looking at the US!!!

Sometimes beautiful places have some dark secrete hidden. The same would be applicable to one of the beautiful places in India.. God’s own Land.. “KERALA”.

Have you visited Kerala? Its beautiful state is also known as God’s Own Land. By road or by train?? If you visited Kerala by road, have you ever encountered a beautiful lady standing near the road in the woods?? If you are reading this that means you didn’t get attracted and tried to approach her..otherwise, you won’t be able to read this article!!!

Have you heard Yakshi?? The beautiful lady will lure you and once you fall her for her beauty, she will drink your blood. You can find Yakshi references in Puranas. Yakshi is the female version of Yaksha.

Yakshini is a well-known character in southern India. A female spirit wandering around the isolated places most fond in Kerala. It is said that she is a beautiful demon who lured men with their beauty. Those women who died unnaturally, are believed to become Yakshi.

Yakshi have a strong fragrance of the flower Jasmine or Pala ( Indian Devil Tree).  So, whenever you feel the fragrance of this flower around you….Start running faster…ooo wait for a second..don’t forget you are traveling with a car.

The people in Kerala firmly believe there is an existence of Yakshi in the forests of Kerala. People reported that they have been attacked by Yakshi and luckily they flew unharmed. Yakshi mostly attacks in the nighttime. She preys on people who lost their path. Most travelers found her along the roads. Due to this, they lost their path, they have no choice but to ask her for a favor. And that’s the perfect catch for her!!

Because of her beauty, she lured people easily and control their minds easily. She play their mind for her pleasures. After that, she asks for lime and betel leaves to chew. That’s the turning point!! She completely takes over the mind of the victim.

After that..she used her victim for her carnal pleasures and at last the beautiful damsel turns into a dangerous demon and eats its victim , leaving behind only nails and hair near a palm tree.

Now you will ask..why not people ask to Tantrik for exorcism. But ALAS!! Though she is a demonic spirit, cant be controlled whatever you do. But, there is one way to kill or keep her away from you. IRON!! A single iron rod can keep you safe from her.
Above I have mentioned some people flew away unharmed..the only way they escape unharmed.. is that they offered limes through iron pen.


So..keep in mind that whenever you are planning to visit Kerala..always keep iron rod or at least an iron pen with you. Whether you believe these stories or not..always prepare for the worst!, right!! Stay safe guys!!!



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