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Tanaji- The unsung Warrior


Have you seen the trailer of “Tanaji- The Unsung Warrior”? I saw the trailer just and it got me goosebumps and feel the pride of bravery of Lionheart Tanaji. Whenever I hear the name of the great warrior Tanaji, immediately one famous line appeared in my mind. A famous saying by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ‘ Gad Ala Pan Simh Gela” ( We got Fort, but we lost our lion.) He was the conqueror of Kondhana fort which was named Sinhagad? But, Tanhaji was heavily wounded and Maratha lost the great warrior. The fort was nearly impossible to win. But, how only 300 Maratha warriors conquered heavily guarded fort?? This was all started after a treaty between Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Mughals in June 1665. The treaty was known as the “Treaty of Purandar”. He had to surrender almost 23 forts to the Mughals. Sinhgad was one of these forts. That hurts the pride of Marathas. Jijau, mother of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was deeply upset. Shivaji Maharaj wanted to fulfil her mother’s dream but it was impossible as the forts were heavily fortified with Rajputs and Arabs. The fort especially Sinhagad was under the control of Mughals enraged her. She summoned riders and told them she want the immediate presence of him in front of her. At that time, Jijau was at Pratapgad and Shivaji Maharaj was present at Raigad. Once he heard mother summoned him, he immediately left the fort without thinking of anything. It shows love and respect for the mother. Once he knew the reason he told Jijau, conquest would likely to be in vain as the fort was heavily guarded.” But, Jijau was not convinced. She wanted the Sinhagad back to the Maratha Kingdom. No one was capable to conquer the fort. The only name came into the mind of Chatrapati was iron man Tanhaji Malusare who had accompanied the Maharaj in many battles. Tanaji was in the village of Umbrat, Kokan busy in his sons’ marriage. The call came to him as Shivaji Maharaj summoned him in Raigad. He left the village without hesitation and his brother Suryaji and his Shelarmama accompanied him. But, Shivaji Maharaj didn’t have the heart to tell the mission. So, he told Tanaji to go to the Jijau for a briefing about the mission. Without having any second thought Lionheart Tanaji vowed to accomplish the mission. He marched toward the fort at night reaching unnoticed. He used to take ghorpad ( Lizard) with him to assist in scaling the fort wall. The rope was tied on the waist of that creature. But, Alas!! The creature refused to climb the fort. Tanaji tried again. At last, Lizard scaled the fort wall and helped the Marthas to climb the fort. But, the movement of 300 Marathas was detected by the guards. 700 Marathas were fighting at the bottom of the fort but they were too outnumbered by Mughal troops. But he already made his mind. “Conquered the Fort Ready to face whatever the consequences are”. Maratha lost many men but they made heavy casualties on the Mughal army. After a while, the most awaited fight happened between Uday Bhan and Tanaji. All odds were against the Maratha. The long night walk, scaling the fort and then lengthy fight with Mughals without taking break had drained the energy of Tanaji and other Marathas. Tanaji got heavily wounded in the fight with Uday Bhan. Though he got injured, he kept fighting so that 700 troops could manage to breach the defense and force entry. Everything had changed after the timely arrival of 700 troops which were led by Suryaji and the Mughal commander was also slain. Mughal army tried to run away but some of them also slain in that attempt. At last Maratha conquered the fort. Shivaji Maharaj rushed to the fort to meet Tanaji but he became so sad by seeing his lion’s slain body. Shivaji Maharaj wept over him for almost twelve days. Marathas were mad about our land, pride of Shivaji Maharaj and his Swarajya!! While writing about this incident I am also sure about what Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used to say about Maratha army. Our one Maratha is equal to 100 Mughals. We are roaming free because of these warriors. Don’t forget the sacrifice of our greatest heroes. If you want to experience the bravery of Marathas, please do watch the movie “Tanaji- The Unsung Warrior”. Watch the history unfold.

Har har Mahadev!! Jay Bhavani!!! Jay Shivaji!


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