Bharat vs. India: Why “Bharat” Is the Ideal Choice for Renaming Our Country

India vs Bharat

The question of whether to officially rename our beloved nation “Bharat” instead of “India” has been a topic of debate and discussion for years. While “India” has been the official name since gaining independence in 1947, many argue that “Bharat” is a more fitting and historically resonant name for our diverse and culturally rich country. In this blog, we will explore the reasons why “Bharat” is considered the ideal choice for renaming our nation. Historical and Cultural Significance “Bharat” is not just a name; it is a part of our ancient heritage. The name “Bharat” is derived from the legendary …

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George Soros The Boogeyman- Leader Of Left Liberal Nexus

  Lots of people don’t know who is George Soros even though he is among the top 50 millionaire of the USA. He also runs the NGO ‘open society. But it just covers. Some refer him as a leader of the new world order who manipulate the systems around the world. His name came up in limelight during the Delhi riot. His NGO was involved in providing funding for rioters.  Ever since Narendra Modi took oath as PM in 2014, he declared war against India. He is known as the boogeyman. George Soros is not the man it is the …

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Menstrual Disorders- A Natural problem


  There are many gynaec problems in the life of females. Some of them are Pelvic Floor Prolapse,  Uterine Fibroids, Pelvic Pain, Urinary Incontinence, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Cervical Dysplasia and Menstrual disorders. Among these, menstrual disorders are a common problem nowadays girls and women are dealing with. Menstrual is a period of every month of regular clearance of blood and menses (mucosal tissue). Normally, this flow is from the internal lining of the uterus over the vagina. It helps the body of the females to prepare for pregnancy. The abnormal menstruation cycle is responsible for all health issues. The changes …

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Yakshi a beautiful damsel or demon

These Beautiful Spirits Can ‘Spellbound’ You With Their Beauty! BEWARE!   Do you love to travel?? Well..most of us love to travel to different places .. some of them are lone travelers.. Some of us are unable to decide whether to travel alone or with friends. I personally don’t decide to travel alone…because I get bored and most importantly…I feel insecure not because of the thief but a bloody thirsty SPIRIT!!!  Whether you believe in ghosts or not..but in our unconscious mind we have that feeling..someone is looking at the US!!! Sometimes beautiful places have some dark secrete hidden. The …

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Tanaji- The unsung Warrior

  Have you seen the trailer of “Tanaji- The Unsung Warrior”? I saw the trailer just and it got me goosebumps and feel the pride of bravery of Lionheart Tanaji. Whenever I hear the name of the great warrior Tanaji, immediately one famous line appeared in my mind. A famous saying by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ‘ Gad Ala Pan Simh Gela” ( We got Fort, but we lost our lion.) He was the conqueror of Kondhana fort which was named Sinhagad? But, Tanhaji was heavily wounded and Maratha lost the great warrior. The fort was nearly impossible to win. But, …

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Why Mahagathabandhan is dangerous for India if they come to power??

  It’s election time NOW!!  Everywhere you will see election news, gossip in the young generation, women, old people.  Most of us have already picked up a party to vote.  This election is MODI vs ALL ( which includes SP, Congress, BSP, ..etc. )To defeat one man over 50 parties come together. Interesting, right!!     Corruption against Development:  Corruption had become unattachable things in Indian politics and the system. During UPA rule, corruption had increased so much that people got frustrated and started a camapign of “Bhrashtachar Mitav Desh Bachao” under Anna Hazare. But, as usual there was any …

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How Long Does It Take To Rehydrate Your Body?

how to rehydrate your body

  Water!! It is an important part of our daily life. You can go a week without food but you can’t live without water, right!! As most of us know that our body contains 60% of water. So, to keep our body in good shape we need to intake water regularly. Proper hydration is important for your body’s performance and health. And if you are an athlete, it is more important to keep yourself hydrated.   But, sometimes due to health problems you might get dehydrated. Or sometimes you might be busy at work and forget to take a sip …

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