What are the benefits you can expect from TOEFL test?

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Great news! Started in August 2019, the English-language test that helps you do your best is introducing new enhancements, including a shorter test, My Best scores and easier registration. All designed to help you fulfill your potential and achieve your test goals faster. The scores of this test are accepted by a number of English-speaking academic and professional institutions worldwide.

Here’s more about the great benefits you can expect from the TOFEl IBT test

  • Reading Section

There will be fewer questions per passage.

Before August 1, 2019 there were 3-4 reading passages with 12-14 questions each and a time limit of 60-80 minutes which is been reduced to 10 questions and time limit of 54-72 minutes.

  • Listening Section

There will be fewer lectures.

Before August 1, 2019 there were 3-4 lectures, 6 questions each and 2-3 conversations, 5

questions each. Time limit 60-90 minutes which is reduced to 41-57 minutes.

  • Speaking Section

There will be now fewer tasks.

Before August 1, 2019 there were 6 tasks (2 independent, 4 integrated). Time limit of 20 minutes. Which is now 4 tasks (1 independent, 3 integrated). Time limit of 17 minutes.

  • Writing Section

This section remains unchanged.

  • The TOFEL IBT test will be shorter:

For all tests after August 2019, TOFEL IBT testing time will be reduced by 30 minutes to approximately 3 hours. Test takers may find they benefit from the shorter test through better focus and lessened fatigue. And there is still no need to return for a second day. It should be noted that the above change will not affect the score scale of TOFEL.

  • Show your highest section scores to universities:

Only the TOFEL IBT test has My Best scores, which allow you to showcase your top section scores. While overall test format and question type of the paper will remain unchanged, there will be fewer questions in Reading, Listening and Speaking sections. It should be noted that the above changed will not affect the score scale of TOFEL. This means you may be able to achieve the scores you need sooner- and make the test fewer times – to meet the admissions requirements at your dream universities. Noted TOFEL scores are valid for 2years.

  •  TOFEL exam Registration:

Registration for the test is easier and aspirant friendly which features a test-center search powered by Google Maps without making an account.

Scoring or How does the My Best score Feature work:

The My Best scores feature automatically includes the best scores of students along with scores from single test date. Here is the example of how My Best Score will be calculated for a candidate who has taken two tests over the last two years.

For the below mentioned scorecard, a candidate needs 18 in each section and 80 total to qualify and meet the score requirement without appearing for a third test.

Sections Test Date 1 Test Date 2 My Best Score
Reading 20 19 20
Listening 22 20 22
Speaking 17 20 20
Writing 17 19 19
Total Score 76 78 81

My best score feature shows the highest level of proficiency attained by a student for over 2 years. This way more and more students will now be able to meet the score requirement of an institution.

Changes to official TOFEL Preparation Material:

“What do I need to do practice for the new TOFEL changes? The simple answer is NOTHING!

Seriously, you don’t have to do anything because the question types are the same, which means you can continue practicing for the new TOFEL changes with your old TOFEL preparation material.

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