Top 7 Places To Visit Near Karad


Karad –  the city of “Preeti Sangam” where two rivers meet at one point.It is a city of 1st Chief Minister of Maharashtra “Yashwant Rao Chavan”. Karad is an educational hub of Western Maharashtra due to the presence of well-known educational institutes.It is famous for sugar production and presence of sugar industries around it.

There are various places around Karad and some are unknown to most of the travelers.Here are some perfect weekend destinations around Karad you should visit.



Koyna is situated in Patan Taluka, 60 km away from Karad.It is one of the famous weekend spot for tourist.You can visit Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Koyna Dam and Navja waterfall which is 6 km away from Koyna village.Koyna dam is one of the largest dam of Maharashtra.If you want to experience safari trip and want to see tigers, Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is the ideal one. The sanctuary covers an area of around 423.55 km2 (163.53 sq mi), and elevations ranging from 600 to 1,100 m (2,000 to 3,600 ft).The best season to visit Koyna dam and Navja waterfall is in monsoon season.Koyna-Dam

Nakatyaravalyachi Vihir: Naktyaravalyachi vihir(Well of Naktya Ravl) is one of the famous tourist spot in Karad.It is a historical structure built in ‘Pantancha Coat’ of Karad city.It  was built in the regime of Bahamani. It is the myth that the demon Nakata Ravl built this well overnight. The Naktyaravl Vihir has 82 stairs and the construction between east and west is 136 feet.It si situated near Preeti-Sangam ghaat.




If you are trekker and love to do trekking, Vasantgad is the perfect place.It is 10 km away from ‘Karad’ city.Vasantgad was built by King Bhoj.This(Talbeed) is a birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj’s second Commander-in-chief Hambirrao Mohite.There is the memorial of Hambirrao Mohite which was built in Talbeed. This is also the place of Queen Tarabai. The fort entrance has been destroyed.The ramparts are also intact. There is a big grinding wheel on the fort. Shivaji Maharaj conquered it on 1659. Later, Rajaram Maharaj stayed for some time on this fort when he returned from Jinji. Aurangzeb captured this fort in 1700 and named it “Kili-da-Fateh”. The Marathas got the fort back in 1706.




Bahe is a Village in Valva-islampur Taluka in Sangli District, Maharashtra.It is famous for Hanuman temple which was established by Samarth Ramdas in 17th centuary.It is just 35km away from Karad.The temple is situated at Krishna river.It is well maintained and surrounded by greenery.If you want to visit some holy place, this is the best place.

Krishna Ghaat:


Krishna ghat(Preeti Sangam Ghaat) is also known for Samadhi of the first chief minister of Maharashtra Shri. Yashwantrao Chavan which is situated near the Krishna and Koyna river confluence.It is called as Preeti-Sangam”( Confluence of love).It is a beautiful place to visit in evening.You can see the garden for kids to play and also you will also find lots of Food Options are there like Bhel, Paanipuri, Paavbhaji, Dosa and Chinese Food also.It is a perfect family destination, you will definitely enjoy.




If you want to enjoy a quick weekend trip, Sadawaghapur is one of the ideal place to visit. Sadawaghapur is a Village in Patan Taluka in Satara District of Maharashtra, India. It is 10 KM from Patan and 41 KM from Karad.It is famous for a reverse waterfall.Due to the wind, waterfall goes in opposite direction.Its top table-land of the mountain where lots of windmills have been placed. Ideal place to visit is in rainy season mostly.

reverse waterfall sadawaghapur



 Sagareshwar is famous for Wildlife Sanctuary and old temple of God Shiva.Sagareshwar is located in Sangli district, it is 25 km away from Karad.The Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is not maintained well though you can visit the temple of Shiva because it has around 101 shivlings and 41 temples.It is an ancient temple built in 300 B.C.A long time ago, there was a King of Kundal named Satyvaan.One day, he insulted Rishi.Due to which, Rishi cursed him and bruises appeared on his body.After few days, he went for hunting in Sagareshwar forest.He found a ‘Kund'(pool) in that forest.He exhausted due to hunting. So, he bathed in that Kund and when he came outside after bathing, all his bruises washed away.Immediately,101 shivlings appeared around that place.

sagareswhar scripture

This is a Holy place and you can experience the divine energy when you visit this place.Perfect season to visit this place is in monsoon season and Shravan.

If you are planning to go somewhere near Karad, these are the best places you should consider.


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