Top 4 Reasons why Mahagathabandhan is dangerous for India

Its election time NOW!!  Everywhere you will see election news, gossips in the young generation, women, old people.  Most of us have already picked up the party to vote.  This election is MODI vs ALL (which includes SP, Congress, BSP, etc. ) To defeat one man over 50 parties come together. Interesting, right!! BJP is campaigning for VOTE FOR NEW INDIA and Mahaghatabnadhan parties are campaigning for, Modi Hatao. But, they didn’t say about how will they rule this nation, what will be their strategy to develop India.

There are lots of reasons why Mahagathabandhan is dangerous, but I have listed some of them here:

  • Demons of Corruption :

Corruption had become unattachable things in Indian politics and system.
Under the UPA government(2004-2014), there were lots of scams happened. Below I have mentioned politicians and their involvement in scams:

Sharad Pawar:

Sharad Pawar, the king of Corruption!! He involved in most of every scam happened in India. Though he has a good political brain he used only for his personal gain, not for the country. Some of the scams which have been as below:

The common saying about Sharad Pawar among his enemies and his closest friends is – “When a thousand evil dies, Mr Pawar was born”.

Stamp paper scam ( Telgi Scam)

Abdul Karim Telgi, convicted Indian criminal, during Narco test, filmed by various Indian news channels, wherein he also mentioned Chhagan Bhujbal as well as Sharad Pawar. Shocking next day, there was no news regarding this!! After a few days, the news was being flashed as Telgi found dead”.

Nira Radia’s allegations

In 2011, under investigation of the 2G spectrum scam, Nira Radia told the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that agriculture minister Pawar controls the DB realty and he spoke with the A Raja (Telecom Minister) about the allocation of spectrum.

Lawasa was built by acquiring land of farmers. It got necessary clearance( from Congress-NCP government). Supriya Sule and her husband had more than 10% ownership between 2002 and 2004. The chairman of Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation (MKVDC) was his nephew.

Mamta Banerjee:


Saradha, Narada, Rose Valley scams :
Millions of people spread across states spanning from Odisha and Jharkhand to Assam and Tripura have been cheated in Saradha scam where top Trinamool partymen were involved. Another scam was the West Bengal-based hospitality-to-real estate group Rose Valley cheated investors of Rs 17,000 crore.

Sonia Gandhi:
The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) signed a contract to purchase twelve AgustaWestland AW101 helicopters in February 2010 for the Communication Squadron of Indian Air Force. Controversy over the contract was unfolded on twelve February  2013 with the arrest of Giuseppe Orsi, the chief operating officer of Finmeccanica, AgustaWestland’s parent company by Italian authorities over corruption and bribery charges. The middleman Micheal Christain got arrested by the Indian government in February 2019. During interrogation, he himself said that Italian lady and his son got some percentage this deal.
Sonia also has been accused in most of every scam. As she is the controlling one, without her knowing and acknowledgement no one can do anything even a scam because in every scam she got her percentage.
Rahul Gandhi:
Rahul Gandhi was famously known as Pappu. He was once arrested in USA airport by FBI, for carrying drugs with him. Later, due to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the US released from custody.
Another major incident happened where Rahul had been accused of gang rape by congress part women. Later, there was no news on even a single news channel.
He was also got shared in Augusta Westland scam.
Other mahagathabandhan members were also involved in scams such as fodder scam( Lalu Yadav), Adarsh Scam( Akosh Chavan-Congress), Commonwealth scam( Congress-Suresh Kalmadi), Coal scams, 2G scams( Congress- A Raja& P Chidambaram, Sharad Pawar) and many more. There is a long list of scams, even I can’t mention all of the scams in one article!! This is the only list of scams happened under 200-2014 tenure.

People wanted change. During UPA rule, corruption had increased so much that people got frustrated, Ye Desh ka Kuch Nahi ho Sakta and People also started a campaign of “Bhrashtachar Mitav Desh Bachao” under Anna Hazare. But, as usual, there was no firm actions had taken from the UPA government.  People of India voted Narendra Modi as they saw the firm action taker and strong leader in him. In this Mahagathabandhan, all of them have strong corruption charges against them.

  • Too much Muslim Appeasement & harbouring Terrorists:

I still don’t understand whether Congress and co are with India or against India. Most of the opposition parties support terrorist ideology just to gain Muslim vote. Do they indirectly mean all Muslims are terrorists and Muslims support terrorism??. Congress supported Bindrawale and his group, gave him money, guns just to weaken Akali Dal in Punjab. But, the plan didn’t work as plan. It backfired and one terrorist organization had been created named as Khalistani. Have you remembered the Batala House encounter where two terrorists and one police commissioner have been killed in the encounter? But, Madam Sonia and co cried by hearing the news of killing a terrorist in an encounter. Another major incident happened in Gujarat where two terrorists of Jaish had entered in Gujrat to kill Narendra Modi. Gujrat police killed these terrorists in the encounter. But, as usual, Mahgathabandhan parties had sympathy towards the terrorists. Why?? Just to get Muslims vote??

Recently, Modi government advised the army to use pallet guns instead of tear gas against stone pelters. But, opposition parties opposed this decision and went to court against this decision. SC ordered the government not to use pellet guns. Stone pelters are not regular civilians. Terrorist organizations gave them money for stone pelting. They come in between whenever the army had intel of location of terrorists. You can’t go with a flower in front of people who are having stones in their hands, right??


  • Weakened Foreign Policies :

No strong Foreign policy: UPA’s foreign policies were incompetent as compared to this government’s foreign policies. During UPA tenure, every one of the neighbouring countries was against India and China made a friendly relationship with them. Maldives, Srilanka and also Nepal government was having China backed government.

In 2014, When Prime mister Narendra Modi got elected, the first thing he did, he invited all SARC members even Pakistan prime minister to be part in oath ceremony. It was the first step towards

He introduced “Look East Policy”. China has a dispute with all of his neighbours. China claim territories of 23 countries even though it only has a border with 14 countries. China was growing its presence in the Indian subcontinent. So, it was high time to act immediately against this aggressive China policy.  So, he chose these countries to visit. Have you ever noticed in every foreign trip, there are few officials and one man who always with him, Ajit Doval.

He visited Vietnam. Vietnam has also a border dispute with China. India offers additional support to Hanoi’s military establishment, including finance and training, assistance to the space sector. India trained the Vietnamese air force pilot for Sukhoi Su-30. India also planned to gave Brahmos missiles to Vietnam. He visited Tajikistan also. India has Farkhor military base in Tajikistan. It was not fully active till Modi’s visit.

As you see, these are clearly foreign policies differences !! You find India a strong country in the International platform and before 2014 it was an impossible one!!!!

  • Weakened Intelligence agencies & Armed Force:

India has two prime intelligent agencies one is IB (Intelligent bureau) and another one is “RAW( Research Analysis Wing). There was a need to create a different agency for foreign intelligence. In 1962, RAW was created during Indira Gandhi tenure. RAW played a vital role during the 1971 INDO-Pak war. Thereafter

Moraraji Desai called Pakistan prime minister and said ” we know what are you planning. We have intelligence and our agents have strong evidence.” Due to this information, our RAW agent’s cover was blown up and over 50 agents got killed. This was the setback for our agencies and it took around 20-30 years to be back on track.

Intelligent agencies didn’t like the congress because they didn’t give the desired freedom for covert operations and they didn’t have the decision making capability. They think their personal agenda is far more important than country’s .  If you remember, during UPA tenure, there were more than 5 major terrorist attacks happened, Mumbai bomb blast, Pune German bakery bomb blast, Bangalore, 26/11 Mumbai, etc. All of these attacks happened not because of our intelligence agencies didn’t have the intelligence report but it happened because agencies gave the details to the state department and government ignored it!

These are some of few reasons why Mahagathabandhan is dangerous for India if they come in power. Now, people have to decide whether they want to give a vote to the Nationalist or terrorist sympathizer. Your vote will be the deciding factor.

On 23rd May, we will have a clear picture of whether India will keep on progressing or not!!

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