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save cedar

Cedar, the pride of Lebanon. It is Lebanon’s unattachable identity. We can’t imagine Lebanon wihtout cedar tree. In Lebanon’s flag, we can see an image of the cedar tree.
Cedar trees of Lebanon are an actually ancient one. They are the diamonds of Lebanon. They were actually mentioned in the Bible and also we can find traces of cedar trees in Gilgamesh epic(8,000-year-old). But, now, Lebanon’s identity is in danger. Saving cedar has become a people’s movement now.
Cedar is not just tree, its mother of Lebanon .. which kept protecting the people of Lebanon since ancient time.
Cedar is not just a slogan, it’s become the movement of Lebanese people.
Once, nearly half of Lebanon filled with cedar trees. Nearly 500000 hectares of land was filled with beautiful cedar trees But, later on, due to modernisation, lots of cedar trees were cut down and most of them were transfer the cut wood through the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, to Egypt, to everywhere. It was cut down in huge numbers. Due to this, todaay almost 1% of Lebanon’s cedar forests remains.

Save Cedar

Climate change is destroying Lebanon’s identity, i.e. Cedar. Cedar is the identity of Lebanon from millions of years and have survived millennia but can it survive now?? We all know that due to climate change, increasing industrialisation, we won’t able to see cedar after few years. But, if this happens we will lose Lebanon.
It has emerged as a new threat to the survival of Lebanon’s cedar. Growing risk of forest fires, insect’s attack, some of NGO in Lebanon had decided to grow new samplings in lage refrigerated warehouse. They kept cedar trees for the first years of their life.
Government of Lebanon also doing the needful to save the cedar trees. Cutting of cedar trees is now strictly prohibited.
Also, Lebanese basketball federation started a mindblowing campaign to save cedar trees.
In, match .. instead of Lebanese flags, they brought Austrian flags on the court. They started Austiran national anthem ionstead of Lebanese national anthem. People in that court got
Later, the speaker told, If we dont save our cedar trees, we will loose our Lebanese indetitty.”
Cedar tress are the heart of Lebanon. Buy protecting cedar tree you will not only protect trees but laso birds, animals, water, etc.

You can watch a video of the Lebanese Basketball Federation :

Please watch the videos and do comment there and help the organisation to save the cedar. You are the one who can save Lebanon!! وفر أرز وفر لبنان

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