Top 10 Reasons to Learn JAVA programming

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JAVA is nothing but the programming language. It helps the programmer to write a program in English rather than writing a program in numeric code.  JAVA is now widely used by IT professionals. It is the most popular programming language for Android smartphone applications.JAVA programming language is easy to learn and that’s why many graduate students decide to learn.Java was designed to have the look and feel of the C++ language, JAVA is simpler to use than C++  which was designed to look like C++ language.

So, here, we have mentioned 10 reasons, why to learn Java and whether Java is the best programming language in terms of development, community support and opportunities.

Here are top 10 reasons to learn JAVA programming:

  1. JAVA has rich API: One of the main reason behind the popularity of JAVA is it has rich API.
  2. JAVA is free: If someone wants to learn JAVA programming, he looks for what it will cost.Since JAVA is free, you don’t have to worry about paying money for creating JAVA application. This is the main reason JAVA is popular amongst the programmer
  3. Easy to learn: Most of the programmers pick Java as their first programming language because it’s easy-to-learn. Due to an English-like syntax, Java could be learned in a short span of time and used to build useful applications.
  4. Open Source: Open source libraries ensure that Java should be used everywhere. Apache, Google, and other organization has contributed a lot of great libraries, which makes Java development easy, faster and cost-effective.
  5. Job Opportunities: Programmers with a sound knowledge of Java are in great demand. With a large installed base, this widely used programming language continues to create jobs in the tech industry. Additionally, the popularity of Android apps has brought along countless opportunities for an Android developer who writes native apps in Java.
  6. Object-oriented programming language: Java is an Object Oriented Programming language. Developing OOPS application is much easier and it also helps to keep system modular, flexible and extensible. Oops concepts such as Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and inheritance, which are used by Java, helps the programmers achieve tasks easily.
  7. Universal Usage: Java programming language is omnipresent. Due to its stability and scalability, you can find Java on mobiles, desktops, large-scale applications etc. The same can also be said about Java programmers who easily outnumber other professionals. Java is also gaining big in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).
  8. Powerful Development Tools (Eclipse, Netbeans): JAVA has powerful development tools like Eclipse, Netbeans which has a powerful debugging capability, which is essential for real-world development. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) made Java development much easier, faster and fluent.
  9. Community Support: Community is the biggest strength of the Java programming language and platform. Java has been very lucky, it has lots of active forums such as Stack Overflow, open source organizations and several Java user groups to help everything. There is a community to help beginners, advanced programmers and even experts.
  10. Excellent Document Support: JAVA has excellent document support which makes learning easy ans provide an excellent reference while coding in Java. All information is freely available in the IDE window itself.

These are the reasons, every student should know before deciding to learn any programming language.

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